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Welcome To Shaarp Enterprises

Shaarp Enterprises are professionally managed Manpower Placement Consultants specializing in placement of all sort of personnel across a wide spectrum of skills and functions. We are putting our full effort to provide quality service to our clients across various industries. Our role begins with the client’s need and we will go to great lengths to understand the nature and complexity of the client’s business. This will help us to provide our clients with candidates who are of the right profile.

Shaarp Enterprises have our own large database of candidates across the various functional streams as well as have some online job portals. We can do an exact search based on your requirements and come up with candidates who best meet your job description. We do the resume screening and interview candidates regarding their interest and suitability. Only after we are satisfied we will send them for an interview to you.

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Shaarp Enterprises is a pioneer in providing Human Resources (HR).

Shaarp Enterprises offers flexible staffing solution which includes outsourcing manpower of various functions from us & place them in your organization for as long as you need them.

Shaarp Enterprises also provides fast, accurate payroll processing, Salary Administration and Statutory Compliance.

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Business Spread



We cater to your requirements of middle & senior management positions. Research skills combined with a rich database of top notch professionals across industries has been helpful in sourcing the best talent in the industry.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.